A new way to pay is coming

Give your altcoins the purchasing power they deserve

We are building a platform that will connect buyers with merchants, allowing payments to be made using any coin, anywhere, anytime. Our revolutionary Swapper Network will handle the entire process quickly and effortlessly, with minimal fees.

The Vision

We believe that altcoins should be useful for more than just trading. They have real world value. Why, then, can’t they be “spent” on real, everyday purchases? Sure, you can deposit them to an exchange, trade them for Bitcoin, transfer to a fiat exchange, sell for fiat currency, withdraw the funds, all while waiting for confirmations and paying fees…

Our goal is to change all of that. We are building a network that aims to connect the value of altcoins to everyday merchants. Anywhere. Anytime.

Our platform will quickly connect you with a “swapper” who is willing to exchange your altcoins with funds held in escrow, to be paid to merchants for the sale of everyday goods and services. The process is fast and easy, and by automatically matching you with the lowest swapping fee, it’s affordable too.

The Approach

We are developing technology which will allow three-party merchant processing for all coins. Our system will automatically match users with swappers willing to accept the chosen coin. The swapper with the lowest rate will then be chosen from the list of compatible matches, and the coins transferred to their wallet. The merchant will then be paid using escrow funds from that swapper’s account.

The entire process will happen quickly and seamlessly, finalizing purchases with ease. By selecting the lowest rate from matching swappers, our system will ensure that the cost is competitive.


  • Wallet Release

    CURV wallet release for Linux & Windows
    February 2018
  • Exchange Listing

    CURV listing on Crypto Bridge
    February 2018
  • Expanded Wallet Support

    Expand wallet support to Mac, web, Android, iOS.

    Top tier exchange listing planned.

    Q2-Q3 2018
  • Platform Development

    Develop and release technology allowing three party merchant processing for all coins to drive mass adoption in the form of everyday use.
    Q3-Q4 2018
  • Merchant Adoption

    Scale merchant adoption for widespread use.

Stay Informed

We will begin accepting registration for our service soon. Meanwhile, sign up to receive updates using the form below.